At 3:30 pm (UTC + 3) on Sundays, over one hundred people from all over the world will meet online -
at the same time to look at the sky to the music of DakhaBrakha, performing the same actions in different cities all over the planet

Ukraine: Kyiv, Mariupol, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Hatne, Borova, Kovel, Novomoskovsk, Fastiv, Cherkassy, Tysmenitsa, s. Kuzminets, Vinnytsia, Bila Tserkva, Odesa, Mykolayiv

Germany: Berlin, Münster, Leipzig, Dresden, Lippstadt, Frankfurt, Augsburg, Hannover, Lehsten, München

Czech Republic: Prague

France: Sennecey-le-Gran, Joigny, Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, Saint-Denis, Saint Brieuc

Switzerland: Lausanne, Geneva

Honduras: Tegucigalpa

Ivory Coast: Abidjan

Turkey: Antalya, Istanbul

Slovenia: Lendava

Finland: Helsinki

Austria: Vienna

United States of America: Redwood City, California, Maryland

Tanzania: Iringa

Slovakija: Nove mesto nad Vahom

Chile: Santiago

Italy: Pennabilli

Spain: Madrid

Israel: Karmei Yosef

Canada: Toronto

Poland: Warsaw

Netherlands: The Hague

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

Ecuador: Cuenca

... geographically, at another point of the world, a person, like me, looks at the sky ... and we do one thing together ... this is a conceptual experience ... together and at the same time ... the ritual of your life, on the one hand ... and on the other hand, how different we are and how much we are alike ... the sky unites us ... music .. people ..
...Alambari... at the same time... together...
The place where the album was recorded
Which has been waiting for 4 years
The duration is 10:57
A unique blend of art and documentation, digital and physical worlds
Creating a new form of interaction at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds

At the same time, theater teams and independent actors gathered online -
from different parts of the world to look at the sky to the music of DakhaBrakha, performing the same actions in different spaces.

Goal of the progect is to bring together a large circle of people online - to feel each other here and now.
Alambari in numbers




We will meet every Sunday, bringing people together from around the world
around music and the sky

Sunday: 19.04
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)

Sunday: 19.04
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)

Online-flashmob: step 1
5 teams, 8 countries, 23 cities, 63 participants
Sunday: 26.04
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
Sunday: 26.04
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
Online-flashmob: step 2
7 teams, 10 countries, 29 cities, 96 participants
Sunday: 3.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
Sunday: 3.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
10 teams, 14 countries, 43 cities, 110 participants
Sunday: 10.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
Sunday: 10.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
15 teams, 21 countries, 51 cities, 135 participants

Sunday: 24.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
Sunday: 24.05
3:30 p.m
UTC+3 (Kyiv)
18 teams, 23 countries, 57 cities, 150 participants
We created a digital artifact:
path in five steps:
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Fifth chapter
Center of contemporary art
"Dakh" and Center of contemporary art
(Ukraine, Turkey)
Public theater "Theatromania"
bazaar europa - young theatre across borders
(Germany, Czech Republic, Honduras)
"Cie Dyki Dushi"
(Switzerland, France, Ukraine,
Ivory Coast)
Volksbühne Berlin
Nova Opera
(France, Ukraine)
"Tiyatro Alesta"
"10 row 10 place"
"Tiyatro Pera"
The team
Vlad Troitskyi
author of idea and director
Andrii Palatnyi
Anton Telʹbizov
Coach of "Theatromania"
Alexandra Indik
Coach of "Dakh: Kids"
Nadiya Holubtsova
Coach of "Dakh: Kids"
Andrii Koshman
Coach "Nova Opera"
Christine Dissmann
Coach of "bazaar europa - young theatre across borders
Elif Soezer
Coach of the "Alesta"
Madeleine Bongard
Coach of "Cie dyki dushi"
Jan Jordan
Coach of the «Volksbühne Berlin»
Charlotte Garraway
Coach of the «Volksbühne Berlin»
Natalia Savchenko
Coach of Fastiv`s Team
Ellen Malyuha
Coach of "10 row 10 place"
Zeynep Özden
Сoach of "Tiyatro Pera"
Олександра Венславовська
Coach of Vinnytsia`s Team

Imanol Ibarra
Coach of the "Marea Lab"
Evgeniy Bal
Coach of perfomance group P.L.O.T
Yuliya Svetlova
Coach of the "Kolo svitla"
Ніна Паламарчук
Коучер літ.студії "Альтанка"
Main technical partner
Information partner